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What Do Senior Living Consultants Do?


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Making decisions that affect the life of a senior loved one can be daunting. Fortunately, there are senior living consultants to help navigate the choices. The baby boomer generation presents challenges in finding the best resources for their caregivers. Senior living consultants are also known as senior living advisors, senior care professionals, or elder care advisors.

A main resource they provide is senior housing options. Senior living consultants are a real entity. They offer professional advice, guidance, and resource information to those who are aiding or responsible for helping their senior loved one find housing. 

Eager to downsize and have less responsibility in caretaking of a family home, they seek senior communities or assisted living to live out their senior years. Senior living communities employ these consultants to help determine the best options to meet the specific needs of their senior loved ones. 

What Is A Senior Living Consultant?

A senior living consultant is typically employed through a senior community to assist seniors and the guardians of seniors in making important decisions regarding housing, personalized needs, and the community’s resources. With the high demand for senior living communities with assisted living options, the senior living consultant is an expert on the needs and resources available for seniors.

Sharing their expertise with guardians to seniors or seniors, their work is freely given at no cost. Fortunately for the senior community, these advisors have a wealth of information and a genuine caring work ethic. 

How Is This Service Beneficial?

The initial stages of looking for the correct senior care facility, senior community, or assisted living program can seem overwhelming. Senior living consultants are experienced in the senior housing market and know the options available for all needs. Instead of personally calling on or visiting each community, a consultant can be contacted with a list of needs and expectations to pinpoint the places to fit the stated needs quickly.

The following benefits are gladly provided by senior living consultants in most communities: 

  • Experience with senior communities: Give the advisor a list of must-haves, and the consultant can narrow the search quickly. The consultant can set up appointments to tour the possible communities that meet the noted needs.
  • Knowledgeable with the community and resources: The senior living consultant forges ties within the community to become familiar with senior care options, medical options, and recreational opportunities seniors can utilize.
  • Provide customized assistance: Senior living consultants understand what services are available such as home health, rehabilitation, or transportation services. They can also personalize each request to meet specialized needs—both emotional and physical.
  • Offering free and timesaving services: Sometimes, the guardians of seniors still work full-time jobs. They have little time to search for different lifestyle factors required to make the right housing decisions. Senior living consultants remove the stressful environment surrounding these responsibilities.  
  • Follow through and commitment: The senior living consultant continues working to ensure the complete satisfaction of all parties. Once they have made important choices, the consultant continues to follow up. They then ensure the living standards are up to par and exactly what was promised. 

What to Expect When Hiring Senior Living Consultants

Senior living consults can deliver pertinent, precise, and helpful knowledge once they understand their senior clients’ and guardians’ personalized needs. However, the expert helper must have clearly defined guidelines to work with. On the grand scale, senior living consultants are thorough, don’t rush, and provide the best information they can find for each client.

If there is an urgent need, you can expect expedited services to facilitate the best situation they can provide. Advisors do not sell real estate, products, or resources. They are neutral parties who work to promote the community but advocate for the client’s needs and wants as their main goal.

The senior living consultant does not receive money from the senior clients enlisting services. The community pays consultants to perform these services. However, it is the client’s responsibility to review the information from the consultant to be sure it is viable for their needs. 

Do You Need a Senior Living Consultant?

An extra layer of support from a qualified senior living consultant is always a good option. A non-biased, personalized consultant who is free of charge is something to take advantage of. Forming a positive, healthy, and valuable relationship with a senior living consultant can ease stress, avoid confusion and make transitions smooth.

Bloom Healthcare Consulting offers senior living consultant services in Florida.With the ever-changing landscape of senior communities, who can keep up with it all? The senior living consultant can because it is their chosen occupation and a benefit to their community.

In the year 2020, the number changed to include just over 3 million baby boomers retiring each year. With these numbers, the desire for consultants to provide the options available for downsizing and meeting future living needs is challenging to keep up with. 

Find Help in Securing A Senior Living Consultant in South Florida

If you are in the market for senior living options, Bloom Healthcare Consulting offers senior living consultants in South Florida. Bloom understands the growing numbers of retirees who need these services and welcomes inquiries. With an enormous number of senior communities being built throughout the state, let our helpful and knowledgeable consultants build a long-term relationship to help manage your circumstances.

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