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Historically, treatment services have focused on either physical healing or mental health counseling—with very little crossover. However, there is an increasing body of evidence demonstrating that a holistic whole-person approach to behavioral health improves long-term treatment outcomes while driving down care costs.

Treatment providers are now faced with the task of meeting the demand for greater access to holistic healthcare services without straining resources. Bloom Consulting Agency offers solutions to help the behavioral health industry meet these market demands with our behavioral health consultants in South Florida.

Understanding Behavioral & Mental Health Needs

Mental Health America notes an estimated 44 million Americans live with a mental health disorder. Only four in 10 are able to access the care that they need. As a result, 60% of people struggling with the symptoms of behavioral health concerns are left untreated. This is true, despite the growing body of evidence that consistently demonstrates the link between mental and physical health. 

Chronic health conditions account for over eight in 10 hospital admissions annually. Approximately 190 million Americans have at least one chronic condition and, of those, 16% have three or more chronic illnesses.

Currently, the medical community’s efforts to reverse the rising tide of individuals developing chronic health conditions have fallen short. This is because outreach and awareness efforts have failed to address the primary factor to chronic disease—mental health conditions.


of heart attack victims will later develop depression

Up to 30%

of diabetic patients also have depression


of people with a behavioral health condition also have a co-morbid medical condition

In order to meet the challenges of an increasing need for behavioral health services, providers must be innovative, agile, and responsive. Yet many providers are faced with hurdles that may be prohibitive to expanding existing service offerings.

However, these challenges present opportunities for providers to develop pioneering solutions to meet the growing demand for essential holistic treatment services.

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How Behavioral Health Consultants Can Help

Bloom Consulting works with an organization to assess its existing workflow, capacity constraints, roadblocks to care, and service area demand. Our consultants will develop a strategic plan that will optimize the current infrastructure in order to allow for growth and responsiveness in key treatment areas. 

This “big picture” framework provides the road map for enabling service providers to meet the growing demand for more diverse avenues of care. Our behavioral health consultants take into account the long-term strategies of the clients’ organizations.

We incorporate the latest in telemedicine and other innovative technology options, to remove operational barriers to growth. By leveraging the combination of technology and strategic long-term planning, our clients are primed to most effectively reach and treat those in need. 

Understanding Addiction Treatment Needs

Addiction affects the lives of millions of Americans across the nation every day. In fact, it takes the lives of over 90,000 people a year. It is estimated the economic impact of addiction to drugs and alcohol costs the United States $700 billion annually. Despite this crisis, there are gaps between standard healthcare protocols and addiction treatment. As a result, this leaves many without the care that they so desperately need.

Addiction treatment is viewed as a specialist service by the medical community—and the public at large. Consequently, those struggling with addiction slip through the cracks. Many have failed to follow up with a primary care physician or while waiting for referrals. According to PEW Charitable Trusts, it is estimated that of the almost 23 million people that struggle with addiction to drugs or alcohol, only 11% received the care they needed.

The gap between healthcare and addiction care can be bridged by addiction treatment centers that offer quality whole-person addiction treatment. Centers that can address the physical, emotional, and psychological components of addiction are better equipped to address the specific needs of the client. This ensures more access to communities in need—and more successful treatment outcomes.

Addiction Treatment Consulting

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Addiction is a chronic disease that requires focused long-term treatment in order to create successful recovery outcomes. Treatment that focuses on managing just the immediate acute needs of withdrawal symptoms, without establishing a long-term plan for treatment and addiction management is ideal. It fails to establish a foundation to support the successful remission of this chronic disease.

Our behavioral health consultants help organizations identify key areas of improvement to help them meet the growing demand for whole-person addiction treatment. Our expert team of addiction treatment consultants will assess a facility’s current business model. They will also develop a plan that will improve reach, service offerings, and profitability.

In addition, we work with centers to:

  • Identify competitors in the area
  • Obtain center accreditation and licensure
  • Create unique programs
  • Develop training programs
  • Build a marketing plan and organizational awareness
  • Establish insurance verification and billing processes

Mental Health Treatment Consulting

The demand for mental health treatment is overwhelming. There are many challenges that lie ahead for providers seeking to meet this need. With mental health taking on a new prominence in healthcare, our behavioral health consultants can create an action plan. This will meet the mental health facility’s specific needs.

We can help organizations address a range of key issues:

  • Cost competitiveness and improved operational performances most essential to remaining relevant in the new economy.
  • Including sophisticated technological requirements and protocols to meet current industry demands and regulations.
  • Stimulating growth in new markets that have the greatest unmet demand based on population growth and competitive dynamics.
  • Provide high-quality mental health treatment, while maintaining operational and financial sustainability in a rapidly changing behavioral health landscape.
  • Addressing staffing issues while ensuring clinicians are at the front of the planning process is essential to deliver impact. It also helps to provide mental health best practices and create meaningful returns on investments.

Bloom Consulting Agency understands the complexity and challenges of today’s healthcare industry. We provide clients with integrated, comprehensive services that meet their needs.

Find Behavioral Health Consultants in South Florida

The world of healthcare is constantly evolving. It requires a more responsive and nimble approach from behavioral health and addiction treatment service providers. A holistic approach to care that leverages innovation and technology allows providers to reach more clients with better outcomes overall. 

Our behavioral health and addiction treatment specialists are here to help you take your organization to the next level. To find out how Bloom Consulting’s innovative addiction and behavioral health consulting services can boost your service offerings, increase census, assist with CPT coding, and make treatment more accessible, contact us today.