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Joint Commission

When preparing for your facility’s Joint Commission survey, then a Joint Commission consultant can be crucial. Bloom Consulting provides essential services such as risk management, patient safety, proper survey management coaching, and more to ensure your organization meets the standards of accreditation. With our leadership experience and clinical expertise combined with dedication and education in the healthcare industry, we are committed to helping you make sure that all necessary requirements are met before the Joint Commission survey is conducted.

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Joint Commission Consulting Services: How To Ensure Your Facility Receives Accreditation

Every year, thousands of healthcare facilities scramble to prepare for their Joint Commission surveys. They stress for months to make sure every aspect of the organization is up to standards. However, many still come up short and do not receive the accreditation they strived for. Make sure your facility does not fall into this unfortunate category by bringing in Joint Commission consulting services. These experts will give you the resources to cover all of your bases, double-check your standards, and even execute mock surveys.

Why Joint Commission Accreditation is Important

Joint Commission is a healthcare survey that provides highly-regarded accreditation. Many states require healthcare facilities to pass this survey. If not, they will be ineligible for licensing or Medicaid reimbursement. It is also an important accreditation to obtain for organizations participating in the federal Medicaid program.

The survey is in-depth and is meant to improve the healthcare system as a whole. Each survey is tailored to individual facilities in order to evaluate how the organization is ensuring patient safety, treating patients effectively, and providing patients with proper care. These surveys take place on-site and must be redone every two to three years for a facility to maintain accreditation. Therefore, you need your facility to do well on the Joint Commission survey to be successful. To do everything right, bring in professionals that can ensure you will pass the survey with flying colors and be granted that crucial accreditation.

Preparing for the Joint Commission Survey

Do not exert all of your energy or use all of your time preparing for the survey—it could end up being counterproductive to your quality of patient care. By using Joint Commission consulting services, you can take a deep breath as your facility is in good hands. A team of skilled consulting specialists will help you through every step you need to take in order to get your facility ready to pass the much-anticipated survey. Services provided by Joint Commission consulters included:


The Joint Commission survey analyzes your facility on an individual basis—so should your consulting team.


To provide patients with high-quality care, your staff needs to have extensive knowledge.


The best way to prepare is through mock surveys as they give you an in-depth look into how your organization will be evaluated.


This identifies what needs to specifically change in order for your facility to be granted accreditation.


Your facility must be ready for emergencies such as fire and flood. Therefore, your plans for these events should be effective and organized.


Patients are the priority in Joint Commission surveys—as they are in all of healthcare. Your patient care should be top-notch in every aspect.


All of your documents should be in order, so they can be reviewed with ease. Furthermore, your staff should be able to answer any questions asked during the survey. Consultants will help you organize and prepare for the surveyors’ arrival.


This allows you to see how the Joint Commission survey will evaluate your process for managing environmental hazards.

Maintaining Joint Commission Survey Standards

Even after being awarded accreditation, facilities are at risk for an unannounced Joint Commission survey. This is why it is vital that your organization continuously stays up to standards. Not only this, but the primary purpose of these surveys is to evaluate and improve healthcare. It is in the best interest of your patients that they always receive the same level of care before and after accreditation has been issued. Post-survey services provided by Joint Commission consultants include:


Your compliance with standards must continue in order to keep accreditation. Consultants will help you stay organized long-term.


Continuing these will give you experience in a successful run-through of an unannounced survey.


Consultants check in frequently and discuss how compliance is being maintained.


After receiving your survey report, you might need to craft a corrective action plan. Consultants work closely with you to make sure this is done successfully.


Consultants keep you up to date on the ever-changing standards of healthcare. That way your facility is compliant with the latest requirements.

What To Look For in Joint Commission Consulting Services

The consultants you choose should make your facility their priority. Look for professionals with both leadership experience and clinical expertise. They will put in the hard work to assure your organization remains on track before and after the Joint Commission survey has been conducted. In the healthcare industry, dedication and education go a long way—ensure the consultants you trust in have both.

Joint Commission Consulting Services in Florida

The time to prepare for your facility’s Joint Commission survey is now. The longer you wait, the more unlikely it is that you will receive accreditation—jeopardizing your entire organization. The best way to effectively get ready is by looking to the professionals. They will do everything in their power to ensure your facility excels on the Joint Commission survey by prioritizing standards and delivering high-quality results. To take the first step towards successful accreditation, contact Bloom Consulting at (954) 461-8583 today.