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Revenue Management

Managing revenue in the healthcare industry is a complicated process with many moving parts. From billing codes to insurance claims, ensuring that you maintain your revenue streams can be cumbersome. Understanding how to optimize and enhance your billing and collection processes is critical to your bottom line. Bloom Consulting Agency offers assistance with revenue management in Florida and works with providers to develop efficient and seamless medical billing, CPT coding and collection processes to ensure profitability and minimize costs.


Staying on top of CPT coding, diagnosis, and payment policies, as well as regulatory requirements, can be a headache. Our expert consultants for healthcare revenue management in Florida will help you streamline processes, stay on top of changes, and get you paid faster.

Revenue Management

From claims to billing codes, to the complexity of healthcare laws, managing revenue streams can be frustrating — and costly. Our revenue management service optimizes your billing and collection services to improve your bottom line.
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Regulatory Compliance

Healthcare regulations are constantly changing and maintaining compliance standards requires vigilance and commitment. We combine robust regulatory expertise with healthcare experience to help providers stay in compliance.

Medical Coding

Created by the AMA more than 50 years ago, Current Procedural Terminology coding, or CPT medical coding, is an integral part of the healthcare system. CPT codes are five-digit numeric or alphanumeric codes that categorize healthcare services and procedures by type, body system, and specific service or procedure.

Consulting Services for Revenue Management in Florida

Billing and accounts receivables are arguably one of the most important parts of running any organization. Find out how our revenue management consultants at Bloom Consulting Agency can boost your profitability and billing efficiency, and help you stay competitive.