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Business Consultants of South Florida

Who We Are

Bloom Consulting is an industry leader of healthcare business consultants in South Florida. Our consultants are industry and regulatory specialists who use their knowledge and expertise to help organizations stay future focused. The integrated solutions we use harness the power of innovation and intelligence to deliver strategic planning, regulatory compliance, facility accreditation, and revenue management. 


Our Mission

Our expert business consultants of South Florida help critical healthcare sectors prepare for the future with long-term strategic planning in order to improve productivity, profitability, compliance, and responsiveness. By implementing innovative solutions that drive performance we help organizations provide comprehensive high-quality modern healthcare.

healthcare Business Consultants of South Florida
Business Consultants in South Florida

Our Vision

Healthcare is evolving and in order to meet the demands for high impact healthcare, providers need to be empowered to scale quickly and responsibly. Our vision is to help communities in need by helping critical sectors create greater access and to stay ahead of a changing landscape. Through the implementation of intelligent innovation, strategic planning, and optimized performance our clients can provide improved quality of care and therapeutics. 


Our Services

Discover the services that set us apart from other healthcare consulting firms in Florida.

Healthcare Consulting

Emerging technologies, regulatory compliance, and patient care innovations mean that providers need to be more agile and responsive than ever before. Our experts help you plan for the future by developing strategies that address the broad spectrum of challenges that providers face.

Revenue Management

From claims to billing codes, to the complexity of healthcare laws, managing revenue streams can be frustrating — and costly. Our revenue management service optimizes your billing and collection services to improve your bottom line.

Regulatory Compliance

Healthcare regulations are constantly changing and maintaining compliance standards requires vigilance and commitment. We combine robust regulatory expertise with healthcare experience to help providers stay in compliance.


Accreditation certifies that your organization is in compliance with industry oversight and best practices. Our expert consultants will guide your organization through the accreditation process and help you stay in compliance.

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It’s time to take your business to the next level. You have the potential to flourish in this ever-growing industry; let us help you reach your goals and expand on your approaches through strategic consulting and expert insight. At Bloom Consulting Agency, we are just as determined as you are to find successful solutions for your company. To learn more about our services or to get started today, contact our business consultants in South Florida.