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Cutting Edge Healthcare Consulting

The landscape of healthcare in the 21st century is rapidly changing. As one of the top healthcare consulting firms in Florida, Bloom Consulting Agency in South Florida understands that with more demand for modern technological solutions for healthcare and ever changing marketing needs, providers are faced with challenges to meet the call for high-quality innovative care. Ensuring long-term accessibility and sustainability, while controlling for escalating costs, staffing shortages, and increasing need for access to specialist services can be all-consuming.

Bloom Consulting, located in South Florida helps healthcare leadership prepare for the future by building effective, agile business and marketing plans today. Our knowledgeable consultants are experts in their fields and know what it takes to promote critical growth in a dynamic market.


Our Services

Discover the services that set us apart from other healthcare consulting firms in Florida.

Healthcare Consulting

Emerging technologies, regulatory compliance, and patient care innovations mean that providers need to be more agile and responsive than ever before. Our experts help you plan for the future by developing strategies that address the broad spectrum of challenges that providers face.

Revenue Management

From claims to billing codes, to the complexity of healthcare laws, managing revenue streams can be frustrating — and costly. Our revenue management service optimizes your billing and collection services to improve your bottom line.

Regulatory Compliance

Healthcare regulations are constantly changing and maintaining compliance standards requires vigilance and commitment. We combine robust regulatory expertise with healthcare experience to help providers stay in compliance.


Accreditation certifies that your organization is in compliance with industry oversight and best practices. Our expert consultants will guide your organization through the accreditation process and help you stay in compliance.

We do the hard work, so you can focus on your business

Bloom Consulting Agency is a cutting-edge healthcare consulting firm in South Florida. We’re here to help your business remain compliant, reduce operating costs, and grow. Contact us today to learn how we can give you the edge you need to stay competitive in the healthcare industry.


What Our Customers Say

Bloom has brought so many ideas to my company that have positively impacted our business. I will continue using them for years to come.

Jodi D.

If you are seeking quality consultation with an ethical organization look no further. I have worked within the healthcare industry for 30 years in the areas of behavioral medicine, substance abuse and traditional medical hospital services. My interaction with Bloom Consulting has been nothing but positive and enjoyable.

Tim T.

Bloom consulting has improved every department in my business in Boynton Beach. Great staff that got things accomplished in a short time.

Ryan L.

Brittany and her team were fantastic. They have an excellent turnaround time and are always communicative. I would recommend Bloom to any company looking to improve processes and increase revenue.

Felicia P.

Brittany and her team are very knowledgable and insightful. They are great to work with, and truly understand the industry.

Kyle R.

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