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Healthcare website integrations have become critical for business growth in the modern world. These integrations allow businesses to manage sales and marketing campaigns better. Website integrations can be useful for connecting data from different sources. As a result, companies can better understand their customers. More specifically, website integrations can help healthcare companies enhance patient care and expand their business.

The Importance of Website Integrations

Healthcare website integrations allow companies to understand what is happening with their sales and marketing. This is because when certain applications are integrated into a company’s website, they can track how effective sales and marketing campaigns are. In addition, website integrations can make the customer journey much easier.

Customers can access everything they need from the site. Whether it’s questions about products or services, or communicating with a live agent. Website integrations can also help healthcare businesses stay up-to-date with the latest technology trends. By integrating healthcare websites with the latest healthcare software, businesses can improve the patient experience and stay ahead of the competition. 

Overall, healthcare website integrations can help healthcare businesses improve patient care, increase patient engagement, and stay ahead of the competition. By providing patients with easy access to their medical records and other information, healthcare businesses can help improve the overall patient experience.

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4 Key Types of Website Integrations

There are many different types of website integrations, including CRM integrations, social media integrations, payment gateway integrations, and marketing automation integrations. Each type of integration can help businesses improve their online presence, streamline their operations, and drive more revenue.

Here at Bloom Consulting Agency, we can assist you with a variety of website integrations that will make tracking data and return on investment easy. Here are four key types of healthcare website integrations:

1. Call-Tracking

In marketing campaigns, measuring results is key to repeating good results. Call tracking allows companies to do just that. Scoring calls helps companies know which ad sources are working. As a result, healthcare businesses will know exactly how to cater to clients. Additionally, call tracking can help healthcare companies adhere to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

Further, healthcare businesses can back-engineer the customer journey up to the moment of the initial phone call through call-tracking website integrations. This helps healthcare businesses understand which campaigns and keywords are generating calls. 

Despite the dominance of the internet in changing the way patients access healthcare, phone calls still play a major role in the customer journey. A Google study states that 56% of patients make healthcare appointments over the phone. This of course comes after customers have done their research on the provider they wish to choose. Therefore, call tracking is very beneficial for healthcare businesses. 

2. Web Chat

Live web chat is a great way to keep patients engaged even before they are officially patients. Live web chats with prospects often turned into qualified leads. A web chat integration allows customers to get instant answers to their questions. Generally speaking, customers who are not certain about their purchase can result in businesses losing that sale. Over half of online shoppers abandon their carts without checking out.

A web chat website integration can help to mitigate this issue. Adding web chat support has been shown to decrease cart abandonment rates and increase sales and conversion rates. A web chat website integration allows customers to immediately get any answers to questions they may have about their online experience or the product. 

3. Google Search Console

Google search console allows companies to analyze data and find the highest return on investment from marketing campaigns. It is very important for companies to understand where their traffic is coming from and how to engage with that traffic. 

With this information, companies can understand why certain marketing campaigns may not be generating leads. By contrast, with this information, businesses can Understand why certain marketing campaigns are generating leads. Furthermore, they can double down on what works, and increase return on investment (ROI). 

Google search console does this by analyzing a company’s website for organic traffic. Organic traffic is where no paid advertising is involved.  For example, if a person Google searches a keyword and clicks the top search result in Google, that would be considered organic traffic. Google search console helps businesses understand how people find their sites organically.

Overall, Google search console is a necessary tool for healthcare businesses looking to boost their website’s online presence. Google search console allows businesses to analyze optimize and track their website’s placement in the Google search engine results.

4. Lead Tracking

Lead tracking website integrations can be a powerful tool for healthcare businesses looking to improve their marketing efforts. Typically, there are multiple lead sources that bring in reliable leads.  Some lead sources are better than others. Some lead sources bring in better quality leads than others. 

No matter where leads come from it is important to track where they come from. Tracking leads allows healthcare companies to know where to target their ad efforts. 

Here are a few lead sources that can be tracked:

  • Banner ads 
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) 
  • Referrals 

Lead tracking is important because it lets companies know how effective their marketing channels are. Lead tracking allows companies to understand how many leads they are bringing in. With this information, companies can better understand how their marketing campaigns are impacting sales.

As a result, companies can generate more leads as well as a higher ROI.

Overall, lead-tracking website integrations can help healthcare businesses improve their marketing efforts, increase patient engagement, and drive more revenue. By providing patients with personalized marketing messages and tracking their interactions, healthcare businesses can improve the overall patient experience and generate more business.

patient and doctor using healthcare website

Healthcare Website Integration Solutions

Is your healthcare business looking for healthcare website integrations? Here at Bloom Consulting Agency in South Florida, we can help you with website Integrations that will help you track data and better serve clients. We aim to help organizations stay future-focused, create strategic plans, help organizations stay compliant, and manage revenue.

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