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If you own and operate a treatment center in Florida that provides help for individuals addicted to drugs and alcohol, becoming licensed by the State of Florida’s Department of Children and Families (DCF) can help grow and sustain your business. Navigating your way through the process of becoming licensed can be taxing and time-consuming, which is why taking advantage of our DCF consulting in South Florida can put you on the fast track to getting licensed.

Understanding the DCF Treatment List

In Florida, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health (SAMH) Program is the state authority on the subject of substance abuse and mental health and is part of the Florida DCF. The Florida Department of Health is partnered with DCF to help address the dangers of substance abuse and reduce its impact. When an individual is seeking treatment for a substance use disorder for themselves or a loved one, they often visit the DCF website looking for treatment options. DCF provides a list of addiction treatment providers that are currently licensed by the department that helps people quickly find resources in the state of Florida. 

The listing is alphabetical by city and includes information such as each facility’s physical address, phone number, and how many beds they have available. This simplifies the search process for many people, who use this list to find help, rather than going through the traditional search engine option. 

If your company treats people dealing with substance use disorders, becoming licensed by the DCF makes good business sense. People looking for help are often directed to the DCF website and its list of DCF-licensed substance abuse providers, social workers, attorneys, courts, members of the law enforcement community, physicians, and behavioral health professionals. Our DCF consulting experts will guide you through the process of becoming licensed by the DCF so that your business will be part of this valuable listing that helps increase your number of conversions.

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The Benefits DCF Consulting in South Florida

Becoming licensed by the DCF shows potential clients that your addiction treatment company meets several standards for quality care. The field of healthcare is competitive and the world of substance use disorder treatment is no exception. People want the money they invest in saving their lives or the lives of loved ones to go to a facility that has shown they stand above the average place. A listing on the DCF website provides the endorsement that can drive traffic to your website and increase your number of clients.

In addition to attracting more clients, there are other benefits to becoming licensed by the DCF. Financial institutions, grant organizations, private investors, and community groups all recognize the value of facilities being licensed by the DCF. Once you achieve licensing, you can put the spotlight on this accomplishment when you promote your company or seek financial input or assistance from others. This licensure helps you stand out among of sea of many other candidates.

Many individual medical and psychological treatment providers are asked by patients to provide references for facilities that treat drug and alcohol addiction. Because about half of all individuals who struggle with a substance use disorder also need treatment for mental health issues, looking for help for co-occurring disorders has become much more common. These medical and therapeutic professionals often provide their patients with references to facilities with high standards that are recognized by the DCF, which means getting on this list opens you up to a much wider audience.

The DCF Licensing Procedure

Research shows that people who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction and complete a qualified treatment program do better post-treatment than those who do not. The longer a person stays in recovery, the less likely they are to relapse, which improves the chances that they and their loved ones will not become part of an investigation by the Florida DCF, whether for the first time or a subsequent event. This provides the impetus for the detailed information needed and specifics of care that must be provided in order to obtain a license.

Becoming a licensed provider of substance abuse treatment by the Florida DCF involves a number of steps and concerns. Licensing means that minimum standards have been achieved by addiction treatment programs that include receiving facilities, detox, residential treatment, inpatient and outpatient treatment, community housing, prevention, intervention, and medication-assisted treatment. DCF consulting in South Florida helps your company prepare all needed documentation and be prepared in all other ways for questions, visitation, and requests made by the DCF as part of the licensing process. In doing so, we assist DCF licensed substance abuse providers in keeping their operations running smoothly.

Bloom Consulting helps you with the fields of assessment, counseling, case management, and each level of care offered by your company. We walk you through the specific criteria that must be met so that you receive your licensing and a spot on the licensed treatment listing. Using our services saves your employees time, money, and frustration and allows you to join the coveted DCF licensing list quickly.

DCF consulting in South Florida

DCF Consulting in South Florida

Getting your drug and alcohol addiction treatment services licensed by the Florida Department of Children and Families puts you on a valuable list that many use to find treatment options. Contact Bloom Consulting today and let us help you navigate through the requirements to become licensed by the DCF in order to increase your customer base.