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What is Senior Living Marketing?


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What is senior living marketing geared to sell? Let’s start with the future dreams and lifestyles of the Baby Boomer generation. With the changing availability of social media and the advent of seniors exploring possibilities via technology, senior living marketing is vital to a company’s success. But senior living communities are everywhere, so read on to find out how to differentiate yourself from the competition. Meanwhile, consider a professional consultant to steer you in the right direction.

What is Senior Living Marketing?

Today, Baby Boomers often sell their family homes and move into smaller homes or condos in senior communities. However, targeting this market requires skill. Today’s seniors are tech-savvy, and the market is broad for their needs. As a result, senior living marketing has developed into a strategic method designed to promote already-built communities for seniors.

The aging generation harbors negative portrayals of long-term care and assisted living facilities. For example, many believe the pictures in their minds of nursing homes providing poor care. By addressing this stigma through effective marketing, a new reality can be forged.

Why Senior Living Marketing is Important

Through current market research, seniors search the internet for two types of significant purchases: expensive and lifelong. So when exploring is senior living marketing and why it is so essential, the answer lies in the kind of money seniors have to spend.

Tips on How to Make Marketing Work For You

Learn how to level up your marketing efforts and speak directly to the Baby Boomers’ mindset. It’s time to apply technology to seniors who know how to use it. Furthermore, families assisting their parents in the search for the perfect senior living community or assisted living conduct their searches online. Read on to learn our tips on how to make senior living marketing work for you:

Build awareness through social media

Seniors have cell phones, and you rarely see them in public without their phones. So, marketing teams are already aware of the power of social media. Senior influencers use their pictures, words, and voice to reach the aging population. Also, people reach out to the people they trust on social media for reviews and comments concerning their buying intentions. What is senior living marketing in today’s advertising world without social media?

Have current residents serve as brand ambassadors

Brand ambassadors are an excellent example of an available (and inexpensive) marketing resource. Right under the nose of marketing teams are the happy customers who can spread the word. Residents elated with their homes and society can act as brand ambassadors and offer positive reviews. Intelligent facility managers offer resident referral incentive programs for spreading the word about their community. Online videos are another excellent marketing tool.

Improve SEO

Does your community utilize a current website and search engine optimization as a marketing tool? Focusing on website keywords and optimizing the information and pictures contained is a full-time job. Website companies offer attractive features such as blogs, tracking reports, and monitoring of your site to attract more consumers. The information gained through your specialized website can be used to reach more seniors.

Email marketing nurtures already-existing relationships

Engagement of potential customers using email marketing tools is an excellent method to reach out to seniors. For example, physicians, dental providers, and retailers are asking for email addresses to build solid email relationships. Consumers sign permission to receive email forms in registration or during a sale. Offering unsubscribe or opt-out options allow seniors to change their mind after the fact.

Networks and connections

What is senior living marketing used for in the community? Networking and forming connections within the outlying community is full of goodwill and respectful value. Senior living communities can advertise through community centers and draw attention to  events for charity, and seniors love to participate. Reaching out to community vendors is an excellent marketing tool.

Find Help with Bloom Consulting in Florida

Bloom Consulting in South Florida provides guidance and fantastic marketing tools to enhance your senior living community. In addition, Bloom offers professional consultants to address your senior living marketing needs. Let us walk you through the steps to bring your homes into the limelight. Contact Bloom Consulting now for more information. Our consulting team is ready to address your questions and begin your marketing campaign.