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How To Overcome Turnover In The Addiction Treatment Space


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Creating attractive workplace options for qualified and exemplary recruits to develop is the main objective of human resource departments countrywide. A new trend involving investments in staffing recruitment and retention is a priority. The professionals who make up the foundation of your behavioral health systems present the most significant challenge to maintain in the industry. Turnover in addiction treatment negatively impacts a substantial percentage of centers in a highly competitive market. 

Turnover in Addiction Treatment

Workforce staffing crises are present throughout the healthcare industry, with the highest turnover in addiction treatment staffing seen in years. Turnover of staff is expensive and debilitating to workflows. Key factors are increasing demand for services and burnout from an intensely demanding industry are key factors. Administrators in behavioral health centers are turning to professionals for advice in retaining employees and keeping staff sufficiently trained and available to work.

Since 2017, the turnover in addiction treatment center personnel has measured between 30 and 60 percent. The percentages continue to rise after the Covid-19 pandemic. Burnout of key employees continues to be a focal point for most facilities, with exponential demands in treating addiction. Unfortunately, the high turnover rate has followed through with raising the costs of addiction treatment for patients. 

The goal of any human resource department is to recruit top-notch employees by offering a competitive compensation program to avoid turnover in addiction treatment. Today’s financials force those in the addiction treatment industry to work and support the remaining employees to improve and extend the duration of their employment first. Promoting from within and offering educational and training opportunities can benefit the center and enhance employee engagement. 

How to Overcome Turnover in Addiction Treatment

Counselor turnover in addiction treatment data is challenging to find. In a world where the opioid crisis has demanded a high number of treatment centers to offer an answer to the problem, staffing these centers remain difficult. Identifying barriers to retaining professional staff in the behavioral health industry is vital — for example, currently a general lack of respect for the profession in such a high-demand industry. In addition, licensing, job titles, training, and advancement protocols need clarification, and planning for demands is essential. 

Administrators need to assign responsibility for monitoring employee retention practices. HR must continually maintain audits of demand and supply. Following admission trends of recent history can help predict the organization’s needs for staffing fluctuations. Dig for information to determine actionable people metrics in your systems. For example, managing turnover in addiction treatment can increase revenue and customer satisfaction scores when effectively planned for and monitored. 

Turnover in addiction treatment points to several problematic factors in the industry. Therapists report a lack of support, salary levels, clinical supervision, and ineffective leadership as the main deterrents to employee retention. Furthermore, low job satisfaction, poor management, and a lack of organizational communication cause frustration and a challenging work environment. Finally, addressing the input of exit interviews and realizing the data accumulated from these tools can improve insights into the retention of personnel. 

Proven methodologies to achieve employee retention include the following:

Improve Treatment Methodologies

Retaining evidence-based practices combined with competitive compensation plans supports the retention of the counseling staff. In addition, training and continuing education opportunities increase the organization’s value. Finally, consider input from the team in allowing for a chance to increase satisfaction in all aspects. 

Reduce Small Organizational Changes

Reduce disruptions in workflow for professional staff personnel. Design a clear, concise direction that makes sense when making protocol changes. Frustration is a negative aspect on many levels to be avoided by careful planning. Conversely, eliminating processes that waste time is a favorable consideration. 

Make Opportunities for Promotion Clear

Transparency in employment advancements involving educational opportunities, certification and training needs, additional leadership possibilities, and salary or benefit changes is crucial. In addition, communication concerning open positions, advancements, and leadership needs can help deter turnover. 

Address Job Burnout

Mental health and addiction treatment is an emotional experience for all parties, including the counseling staff. Practice supportive work environments complement the needs of all involved. Benchmarking the accomplishments of individuals induces a healthy sense of worth to counteract mental exhaustion. In other words, committing to addressing the needs of employees is vital.

Engage with Staff

Listening, communication, and acknowledgment lead to meaningful engagement with staff. Workshops for personnel to advance in this critical factor for employee retention are available. In addition, educational opportunities exist for direction in effective communication. Finally, awareness, respect, and compassion belong in the workplace. After all, proof of appreciation in the workplace ensures employee retention. 

Get Help in Overcoming Turnover With Bloom Consulting in Florida

Turnover in addiction treatment is a common threat in the industry in 2022. However, if your organization or facility experiences high turnover percentages, we have professionals who can steer you in the right direction. Bloom Consulting’s consultants will evaluate your staffing retention problems and guide your administration to build a strong foundation for retaining personnel. Let us share our experience and qualified methodologies to improve your overall revenue and balance. Contact us today.