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How to Launch a Successful Outpatient Mental Health Program


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If you want to launch a successful outpatient program for mental health services, a professional healthcare consultant can help you. Outpatient mental health programs have proven successful with all types of people. Meanwhile, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has reported that depression among the workforce results in an estimated 200 million lost workdays each year, with employers losing billions of dollars. Breaking barriers to quality and success is admirable. Intensive outpatient programs are emerging as a critical need for treatment today.

What is an Outpatient Treatment?

An Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for addiction and mental health treatment is emerging as a creative alternative to traditional treatment. Allowing patients to maintain a life outside of treatment, including home, work, and family, IOP is a transitional form of therapy after detox. To launch a successful outpatient program, visit a few centers to see what is out there. Then, those needing therapy consult your mental health professional for advice.

Intensive outpatient programs are most successful for those who have completed detox and had a mild, short-term addiction. Co-occurring mental illness is a significant factor among addicts. In addition to addiction treatment, IOPs offer treatment for these disorders. Financial considerations are another attractive advantage of outpatient treatment. When you launch a successful outpatient program, you are offering hope and freedom to those who want a sober, healthy lifestyle.

How Outpatient Differs from Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient treatment centers are restrictive and guarded. Those emerging from detox do better in a structured treatment regime with direct supervision. Living in the confines of the facility is a vast difference between inpatient and outpatient programs. There needs to be more flexibility in an inpatient program. The need for flexibility in treatment has spurred many professionals to launch a successful outpatient program. Factors affecting the decision to use inpatient or outpatient programs include:

  • Financial restrictions
  • Family obligations
  • Occupational responsibilities
  • Educational structures

How to Launch a Successful Outpatient Mental Health Program

Professional healthcare consultants are ready to work with those interested in how to launch a successful outpatient program. The top priorities will be making a business plan and establishing a mission statement for the new outreach. The statistics from mental health professionals prove the need for high-quality addiction and mental health services. Feasibility and market research regarding your area’s needs may be beneficial.

The professional consultant may provide their own business and organization structure outline, which is always helpful when starting a business venture. Local and state requirements must be explored and recorded, and compliance regulations for mental health and addiction treatment facilities need research. Licensure requirements, applications, and directions with submission to the state is another high-priority task. When you want to launch a successful outpatient program, it is imperative to organize and prioritize each task properly.

Consideration of the following data will be an initial budget for the new business:

  • Staff model and projected salaries
  • Analysis of various insurance payors
  • Insurance fee schedules
  • Operational expense
  • Property lease vs. property buy considerations
  • Projected income from patients

Credentialing of Staff

The credentialing of staff must begin months before the business opens. If you are about to launch a successful outpatient program, think ahead and hire the treatment team. Insurance companies require a credentialing process, which can take up to three months to complete. You can perform the services, but no payments coming in from a lack of proper credentialing can ruin your bottom line.

Gathering Patient Information

A significant step to launch a successful outpatient program. Intake staff will need a clear-cut protocol for determining eligibility for treatment. Patient’s mental health background, medical background, and general practitioner. List intake information, including patient demographics, insurance, and background questions.

Identifying Patient Goals

Guidelines for treatment to engage patients in a program to meet their needs. Linking the patient to a treating therapist to monitor progress and keep current interaction for success in recovery. Goal setting and treatment plan protocols will need to be on record. It takes much foresight for every last detail.

Determining the Best Communication Style

Establish the best form of communication with the patient. Only some have the internet, so e-mail may only be suitable for some patients. Flexibility is vital to launch a successful outpatient program. Text messages, when to call and times, if the phone is the best option, internet meetings, and other methods need to be outlined.

Pay Attention to the Environment

Stay professional. Consider individual patients’ needs to feel like more than a number in the program. You are establishing a meeting time to share all progress, accomplishments, and program guidelines. Adding a personal touch to the case is a caring and reflective measure. Identify patient concerns and challenges for a guarantee of success for the patient. Instill a sense of accountability with the patient when you launch a successful outpatient program.

Support Your Staff

Outline the needs of the treatment staff.  Supply the tools needed to serve patients. When you launch a successful outpatient program, your team can make or break the business’s success. Take the time to get feedback from the group. The staff must feel engaged with the administration when you launch your own program.

Turn to a Consultant

Hiring a consultant for this process can be critical in outlining the company, creating a successful business plan, and considering every point for an outpatient treatment center. Bloom Consulting can help steer you toward success when you want to launch a successful outpatient program. Finding the best electronic health record that is practical and easy to use for all entities within the business is crucial. An experienced consultant can assist in comparing EHR for your practice.

Find Success in South Florida

Bloom Consulting has experienced healthcare consultants who are ready to initiate the dreams you have to launch a successful outpatient program. In addition, Bloom offers professional consultants to address your needs.Contact us with your desires and vision for a new practice. Our consultants are fully aware and mindful of the need for mental health services in today’s healthcare industry. Contact us today. We are ready to help.