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millennials in the workplace

The term “millennial” refers to those born between 1980 and 1995. The Baby Boom generation, responsible for parenting millennials, extended praise when raising their children. This enabled millennials to seek recognition for their achievements. Meanwhile, growing up with technological advancements, millennials tend to be in tune with our internet-controlled world. For these reasons, it is advantageous to have millennials working within technology-based companies. After all, they remain in tune with the changing resources that modern organizations might utilize.

Five Characteristics of Millennials in the Workplace

Social scientists are continually reviewing the characteristics of millennials. After assessing recent changes in technology, the economy, and business, many have concluded that millennials are very good at adapting to change. Also, millennials share the common trait of innate curiosity. They are always looking for new ways to be more effective. Also, they are team players who enjoy collaborating and seeking the input of other professionals.

Millennials are tech-savvy and adept at social media. By utilizing these abilities, organizations must communicate future changes and growth plans to allow the millennial team to predict which new technologies will be needed. As a result, having tech-savvy millennials in the workplace has its benefits.

Millennials are transparent. Therefore, visiting social media sites can relay your potential candidate’s personality. However, because millennials are so transparent, employers must be equally as honest. Millennials are checking out the social media presence of companies.

Millennials value straightforward management and crave recognition. Appreciation in business is a valuable tool. Also, millennials enjoy knowing their position is essential and their efforts are valued. Therefore, it is critical to outline the review process, merit increases, and how your company publicly recognizes accomplishments. In return, employers can be sure millennials are striving for excellence on the job.

Millennials want diverse work and collaboration. This generation is hardwired to multitask. As a result, they are reliable and hard workers who can easily handle additional responsibility and diversity in their duties. Look for them to problem-solve quickly through collaboration.

Millennials prefer an even balance of work and life. Don’t expect millennials in the workplace to sacrifice their personal life. “Work hard, play hard” is more their position. If you are trying to attract millennials to your organization, stress the importance of work-life balance.

Five Ways to Keep Millennials Happy in the Workplace

Millennials bring value to the workforce, and so employers must understand the importance of appreciating their work ethic. Millennials know what they want, and they know their value. Therefore, organizations reap the benefits of having millennials in their employ. The following guidelines can improve relationships with all employees, not just millennials.

Keep the lines of communication open

  • Encouragement, leadership, and feedback
  • Transition times with open intentional communication
  • Regularly scheduled meetings for input on both ends
  • An open-door approach with the administration
  • Stay connected to the mission statement to encourage motivation

Find opportunities to present challenges

  • Boredom and monotony can thwart production
  • Keep their passions ignited to reach company goals
  • Be sure to challenge the workforce
  • Offer problem-solving opportunities to keep them engaged
  • Offer additional incentives for the promotion of individual solutions to challenging issues

Encourage career development

  • Be open to advancement opportunities and offer encouragement
  • Extend educational opportunities combined with networking possibilities
  • Encourage shared knowledge, and accept personal initiatives for the added responsibility
  • Promote opportunities for collaboration within the community

Show appreciation

  • They will work harder when gratitude is clear
  • Morale within the ranks will stay high through gestures of appreciation by administrators
  • Recognition of holidays, birthdays, anniversaries
  • Verbal appreciation regularly through team meetings
  • 71% of employees state if they felt more appreciated, they would put more effort in

Lead by Example

  • The administration must be an excellent guide for employees
  • Mission statements and core values are openly displayed
  • Leaders who lead by example showing they believe in what they are doing

Find Help Keeping Millennials in the Workplace with Bloom Consulting

If your administration or human resource department is searching for the best recruits, consult with Bloom Consulting in South Florida for advice on adding millennials to the workplace. Bloom Consulting offers new technologies, professional staffing advice, and experience working with administrators. Contact Bloom Consulting to fulfill and surpass your staffing goals.