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A Guide on How To Open A Sober Living House


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How to open a sober living house.

Sober living houses can ease the transition from addiction and/or mental health treatment back into the real world. They allow an individual in recovery the guidance and opportunities needed to choose healthy and productive choices after becoming sober. With more people entering into recovery than ever, more professionals are wondering how to open a sober living house to participate in helping others live a happy and healthy lifestyle. One way to investigate the business aspects of opening a sober living house is to speak to a qualified consultant who knows all the necessary steps that need to be followed.

What is a Sober Living House?

Leaving the shelter of treatment can be frightening and dangerous because of the possibility of relapse with no added guidance or restrictions. Sober living homes offer guidelines to follow and an opportunity to learn to live a drug-free lifestyle while spreading your wings in the world of sober living. These homes are generally located in a suburban setting and have more of the comforts of home although there are still guidelines that must be adhered to. Living in a sober living house allows for those in recovery to learn to make positive and healthy choices while still having the support of those in the same situation. Sober living houses also have someone to offer advice, hold the participant accountable, and help with learning how to navigate life by making goals and sharing accomplishments.

Those living in a sober living home are expected to maintain a curfew, follow house guidelines, log visitors, pay rent, and obey the rules of the house. Opportunities for educational options, employment possibilities, community work, maintenance of physical medical needs, and counseling are bonuses of living in such a structured environment. Sober living houses offer help for challenges faced in today’s world while teaching residents how to develop positive relationships. Those looking into opening a sober living house need to consider many factors to be able to have a successful business. 

How To Open A Sober Living House

There are many decisions to make if you are considering the possibility of opening a sober living house. Here is a list of factors to consider in your decision-making process:

  • Researching zoning laws: most sober living houses are in residential areas. It is important to find out about the neighborhood you are considering opening your sober living house. Other factors in deciding on location are proximity to bus lines, group meetings, grocery stores, colleges or schools, and laundry facilities. 
  • Conduct a needs analysis:  what kind of need is there for sober living houses in the area you are conducting business in? Contacting recovery centers and identifying other sober living houses in the area can help with finding the perfect location.
  • Make a business plan: decide a company name, create a mission statement, list goals, study and analyze other sober living homes to determine the number of residents you would like to house and what services you would provide.
  • Put yourself in someone else’s shoes: consider the costs associated with living in your sober living home and how you could possibly pay for it all. Decide upon your fee schedule and look for opportunities that residents might have that could help finance their stay. Calculate all the overhead costs associated with the house.
  • Hiring staff: who would be the house manager for the sober living home? What other kind of staffing would you need?
  • Write a policy handbook: sober living homes have strict guidelines for the residents to follow. Consider all possibilities ahead of time so that there are answers for problems that could arise beforehand and how you could resolve issues that occur. 
  • Establish a filing system for tax purposes ahead of time: business expenses, attendance, mileage, and income.

Determining licensing demands for your sober living house is important. The state you open your sober living house in will determine licensing requirements. Other factors that determine licensing requirements are the services offered within the house. Certifications for special programs may be optional. If you would like to learn what it takes to open a sober living house, contact our behavioral health consultants.

Why Work With a Consultant For Opening a Sober Living House?

Opening a sober living house can be challenging. Working with a consultant who is experienced in the processes required can save time and money in the long run. Consultants already know what kind of problems can arise if certain protocols are not followed. Once you determine the factors mentioned above in the guidelines section, you can bring them to your consultant and immediately begin the process with a streamlined plan. Consultants can help avoid the pitfalls one could experience while attempting to open a sober living home.

Opening a Sober Living House in South Florida

When considering the possibility of opening a sober living house in South Florida, please contact us to speak with one of our professional and experienced consultants. They will be more than happy to guide you through the process. Why waste energy and time with trial and error when one of our consultants can review your ideas and goals with the opening of your sober living house? Bloom Consulting Agency offers a variety of consultation services that help people open sober living homes. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.