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Employee retention strategies in healthcare represent a scope of challenging problems for administrators and human resources departments nationally. With an all-industry employee turnover rate of 15%, the healthcare industry looms higher at an average of 20%. Recognizing that employees can burn out, become disengaged and disrupt important workflows can thwart bigger issues. Developing key strategies to address employee needs is vital. Recognition and the possibilities of new and challenging positions can be positive incentives for the retention of employees. 

The Importance of Employee Retention in Healthcare

Employee retention strategies in healthcare can revolve around important factors determining how the company functions. Determining the organizational culture of the company is vital in the onboarding and recruitment of possible employees. Designing interview questions that point to the organization’s mission, goals and values can determine if potential candidates match the company’s culture for better retention. With 1 in 3 employees leaving voluntarily or involuntarily within one year of hiring, finding the right fit is a key factor. Losing an employee is costly and disruptive to business flow. Human resources professionals are challenged to configure solid retention strategies to avoid high turnover rates. 

Five Ways to Improve Employee Retention in Healthcare

Employee retention strategies in healthcare need to be continually assessed and updated for effectiveness in retention. Without a review of standards, important factors can be overlooked for successful employee interactions. Improving employee retention can improve revenue and keeps employees engaged with the company’s success. With continual research to provide successful programs for employee retention, the following steps need to be included in protocols and processes.

Consider Strategic Recruitment

Utilizing AI (Artificial Intelligence) and cultural assessment tools to design a practice of recruiting employees who best align with the organizational culture is crucial. The organizational culture defines the goals, beliefs, and values of the company. By prominently defining the organizational culture, employees can base their workplace ethics within these confines. Recruitment using these determining factors is part of the foundation for successful employee retention strategies in healthcare. 

Focus on Onboarding

An organized and well-run onboarding process brings confidence to new employees entering the workforce of any company. Therefore, an organized and thorough onboarding experience is an effective employee retention strategy in healthcare. Feeling welcomed and informed, the new employee can begin to feel positive reinforcement in accepting a position with the company. 

Be Smart about Transitioning Staff

As the company strategies for future development change, roles for employees can evolve or change. The organization must make continual assessments to understand how the development of new positions can address its needs. Training programs, audits of employee satisfaction in their positions, and workflow changes need close management to alleviate frustrations and dissatisfaction with employees. This employee retention strategy in healthcare can avoid problems with employee engagement.

Improve Employee Engagement

Avoiding excessive overtime, unpredictable scheduling, and extreme workloads are important employee retention strategies in healthcare. Proactive communication from administrators can avoid these factors that negatively affect employees’ engagement with the company. Organized training and development opportunities can be a positive and attractive engagement practice for employees to participate in.

Recognize and Celebrate Success/Plan for Poor Performance

Nothing is more important than celebrating the successes of an employee who has contributed to the company’s success. Recognizing loyalty, hard work, and showing gratitude for efforts can be an effective employee retention strategy in healthcare organizations. After all, when an employee feels valued for their contribution, motivation for hard work and retention in the future often follows.  

Find Help with Employee Retention in Healthcare

If no prior protocols were developed for administrators to follow, employee retention strategies in healthcare could prove challenging. Organizing your company’s retention strategies and putting them in motion by putting them in writing is a good start. Clear communications of the strategies with senior administrators in all departments are crucial. This allows for future decisions in employee interactions to be in alignment with the plan. 

Designing solid employee retention strategies in healthcare organizations can guide the company to lower employee turnover rates. This will increase employee engagement to build a strong sense of competition in the market for a solid workplace. Confidence and strong leadership skills are attractive benefits employees look for. In short, designing opportunities for employee input is another opportunity to sense the pulse of the company. 

Contacting an experienced healthcare consultant can help with the initial development of employee retention strategies in healthcare. Experienced consultants provide advice for companies who are just beginning to address employee retention issues. After utilizing well-established assessment outlines and tool kits, the consultant can guide administrators through a process to achieve a successful employee retention plan. Also, addressing protocols and plans for employees struggling within the organization is another factor.

Employee retention strategies in healthcare in Florida

Addressing employee retention strategies in healthcare can be a difficult challenge for healthcare administrators in Florida. Bloom Consulting can provide professional consultants who will review your current protocols to make important suggestions for improved strategies and higher percentages in employee retention. Contact us today to initiate your development of solid employee retention strategies by working with our consultants.